Take to the Skies With These 3 Best Flying Orb Ball Hand Controlled Drones

Since the early 2000s, kid's drone toys have risen in popularity and become a part of popular culture. The modern-day drone toy is an updated version of radio-controlled aircraft from days past that combines the best aspects of both worlds. 

Kid's drones can now come with advanced features like autonomous navigation, real-time video streaming, obstacle avoidance, and more. There are even racing drones that can reach speeds of up to 50mph and fly over 100m high! 

These tech-savvy machines have enabled kids to explore their creativity in ways never before possible. As a result, drone toys have become incredibly popular among children of all ages. Kids are becoming increasingly interested in experimenting with different types of drones to see what they can create.

Furthermore, parents are also beginning to see the educational value of drone toys as well. For example, there are countless STEM-related activities that teach children valuable lessons about science and engineering while still being fun and engaging. 

In addition to their educational benefits, drones also provide entertainment value that can’t be found anywhere else.

So, if you’re in the market for a drone toy your child will absolutely love, set gravity aside and experience the thrill of a flying orb ball! 

Looking for an indoor or outdoor flying toy adventure that's safe, fun, and entertaining? Our best flying ball toys have you covered! It’s easy to use with its hand-controlled remote design — perfect for kids and adults alike. Plus, we provide in-depth reviews on our blog post so you can make sure you're getting one of the top three flying orb balls on the market.

With this little flying toy beauty at your side, take flight with no prior training or experience needed. You'll be able to glide through the skies without worries of crashing too low — because it senses objects below it, making sure your adventures are never cut short by unintended landings! And again – we only review the best three available models, so rest assured knowing that your selection has been thoroughly tested. 

Read on to explore all our selections from Best Flying Orbs Balls and find out which model suits your needs today! 

How We Choose the Best Flying Orb Ball Drone

Regular mini-flying drones can be excellent, but they can be hard to control. 

Even the most experienced drone pilots sometimes have a hard time controlling those regular flying toys. If you're not an expert, it's easy to lose your drone or crash it into something.

The best way to avoid these problems is to buy a flying ball hand-controlled drone. These flying ball toy drones are incredibly easy to control, and they're perfect for beginners. 

In the article, I've done the hard work for you and found the best flying ball orb hand-controlled drones. After reading thousands of reviews, I can confidently say that these are the perfect option for anyone looking for a fun and easy-to-use drone.

1. The SumFun Flying Orb Ball

SumFun Flying Orb Ball hand operated drone for kids

Why We Love It

Introducing SumFun Flying Orb Ball! This is the ultimate fun toy for kids of all ages and grown-ups too. 

Its creative free-flying technology lets you test your accuracy while performing some impressive skills in the process! With different speeds and angles, you can get some spectacular flights that look like shooting stars in the sky, thanks to its two colored lights. 

It is incredibly easy to control and suitable for all ages – perfect for children who want to show off some serious flying skills!

SumFun Flying Orb Ball works indoors as well as outdoors and can easily be carried in a small bag or pocket, letting you enjoy flying anywhere at any time! 

You will have hours of fun with the SumFun Flying Orb Ball - a great way to keep yourself entertained!

What You Should Know

Easy to control and suitable for all ages 

Charges in just 25 minutes via the USB cable. Each full charge will give you up to 8-10 minutes of flight time. 

The soft materials and protective shell that come with the SumFun Flying Orb Ball ensure it is safe and durable, making it less intimidating for children who are first trying their hands at controlling a flying drone. 

4.7/5 stars with over 2,000 Amazon Reviews

2. The Force1 Orbiter Flying Orb Ball

Force1 Orbiter Flying Orb Ball hand operated drone for kids

Why We Love It

Welcome to the world of Force1 Orbiter Flying Orb Ball! It is the lowest-cost hand-controlled flying orb ball drone on our list.  With its rechargeable and hand-controlled design, this indoor-only mini drone is fun for the whole family. This new and improved version is perfect for beginners - with its easy-to-use one-touch remote control to start and stop. It does have exposed flexible and bendable propellers on top, unlike the other drones on the list, where an external shell protects the blades. You don't have to worry about crashing - thanks to the smart obstacle avoidance motion sensor technology so you can keep on having fun.

This cool little device also lights up your night with a kaleidoscope of LED lights projected onto your ceiling as you fly it around. It's awesomely easy to fly too, making this an enjoyable beginner drone for kids and adults alike. The Force1 Orbiter Flying Orb Ball is sure to be a great addition to your family's fun time!

What You Should Know

The Force1 Orbiter Flying Orb Ball delivers an exciting flying experience with its unique design and features. 

This flying orb ball includes a USB rechargeable battery that allows users to fly for five minutes with every twenty minutes of charge.

Unlike the SumFun or Forece1 Scoot Pro version, this flying ball has exposed propellers that are flexible if they suffer any impacts. With that being said, it is essential to keep one's fingers away from the exposed propellers at all times during flying, ensuring both user safety and the longevity of the flying orb ball itself!

3. The Force1 Scoot Pro Hand-Operated Drone

force1 Scoot Pro hamburger style hand controlled drone for kids

Why We Love It

Introducing Force1 Scoot Pro Hand Operated Drone, the latest innovation in drone technology! With patented 360° motion sensors, you can control your Drone with ease and agility—and it’s perfect for beginners! 

It's like a flying ball orb except without the sphere shape-- instead, it has a flat "hamburger" shape. 

Powerful motors coupled with built-in altitude hold to ensure that your drone will stay on course while you fly at any given height. 

Plus, its durable and kid-safe webbed shell design keeps both little hands and walls or furniture away from pesky propellers. 

But it doesn't stop there-- this amazing hand-operated drone is also outfitted with bright LED lights, which create a spectacular kaleidoscope of color when projected through its crystal dome. 

What You Should Know

This flying orb ball is equipped with patented 360° motion sensors that make flying a breeze indoors. 

It's perfect for beginners ages eight and up, with parent supervision of course! 

You'll never have to worry about dead batteries either- this drone comes with its own USB charging cable and built-in rechargeable battery. Fly your drone for up to 8 minutes on just 50 minutes of charge time, plus get an alarm in flight if the battery starts running low. Get ready for hours of flying fun, minus the hassle.

Flying Ball Orb Drone FAQs

How long does a flying ball drone toy charge last?

The flying orb ball is a battery-operated toy that lights up and flies around. They will typically fly from 5-10 minutes on a full charge depending on model and brand.

Does the fly orb ball need batteries?

The flying orb ball does not need batteries, but you do need to charge the built-in battery before first use.

What age is a flying orb ball for?

Trying to find a fun and unique toy that is appropriate for all ages can be difficult. It can be tough to find a toy that is enjoyable and stimulating for both children and adults. The flying orb ball is perfect for almost any age! This interactive toy is easy to use and provides hours of fun. Some manufacturers recommend a minimum of 8 years and parental supervision. This is especially true of the Force1 Orbiter Flying Orb Ball which has exposed propeller blades on top of the orb.

How do you catch a flying orb ball?

When you’re done flying your flying orb ball, catch the drone just like an ordinary ball due to its globe shape. The drone with exposed propeller blades will need to be caught on the opposite side of the propellers to prevent injury. The Force1 Scoot Pro Hand Operated Drone and SumFun Flying Orb Ball are therefore recommended as the safest flying orb ball for kids since there are no exposed propellers.

How do you get hair out of a flying orb ball?

If a bit of your hair gets tangled around its propellers, there is no need to panic - simply use tweezers or other precision tools to extract any wayward strands. If needed, you may have to cut your hair to separate it from the flying orb ball before using tweezers.

How does a flying orb ball work?

Flying orb balls are becoming more and more popular in households! But, how exactly do these cool manual flying balls of joy work? By utilizing innovative technology, flying orb balls use powerful motors, propellers, and sensors to detect obstacles in their path. They also emit infrared light, which helps the flying orb ball to navigate around obstacles and even fly up to certain heights. So, if you're curious about flying orb balls and intrigued about how they work, now you know!

So, What is the best flying orb ball hand-controlled drone?

To recap, we’ve discussed the importance of considering factors such as flight time, battery life, and range before selecting the right flying orb ball for you. 

We reviewed dozens of quality products available on Amazon and narrowed our selection down to three reliable options that offer great value. The SumFun Flying Orb Ball model is our top pick overall due to its impressive flight time, lightweight and easy-to-navigate design, top reviews, and safety at a reasonable price. 

But, no matter which machine you decide on, it will provide you and your family with an incredibly fun experience! So if you're ready to join in on the fun, get yourself a reliable flying orb ball today -- don't wait any longer! 

Don't forget to tap the "Check Price on Amazon" buttons to see and compare pricing on our choice of the best flying ball drone toy. All aboard the flying orb ball revolution! 

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