The Ultimate Guide to Pranking: 100 Creative Prank Ideas For 2023

Are you ready to up your pranking game in 2023? Whether you’re the prank master of your group of friends or a beginner looking for the perfect practical joke idea, we have everything you need right here. From classic gags to make people double over laughing to funny ideas that will keep everyone on their toes, get prepared for a bright future filled with harmless pranks and infectious laughter!

From pranking your teachers to tricking your siblings, we've got something for everyone. So join us as we explore our ultimate guide to pranking: 100 creative & harmless prank ideas for 2023 because it's time to get serious about pranking!

Pranks in the Bathroom

If you're looking for a good laugh, bathroom pranks are the way to go! These attention-grabbing gimmicks will take your pranking game up a notch - if only for a few funny minutes of hilarity and shock. Laugh with us as we explore inventive ways to prank your unsuspecting victim in the bathroom that will make everyone laugh.

Toilet covered with plastic wrap prank

10 Bathroom Pranks Ideas That Will Have You Laughing

  1. Toilet Seat Malfunction: You can put plastic wrap over the toilet seat, so when family members sit down, they'll get a real surprise. Have plenty of toilet paper on hand. The real stuff, not some prank toilet paper you bought on Amazon:)
  2. Whoopie Cushion Classic: You can put a Whoopee cushion under the toilet seat, so when someone sits down, it sounds like they're breaking wind. It's best to do this when a room full of family is nearby!
  3. Soap that Doesn't Lather: Coat a soap bar with clear nail polish. It won't produce any lather when someone tries to use it, leading to super fun confusion.
  4. Toilet Paper Surprise: Unroll a small section of toilet paper and write a funny or silly message on it. Leave it for the next person to find when they use the roll.
  5. Bathroom Mirror Note: Use a dry-erase marker to write a humorous or positive message on the bathroom mirror. It will surprise and entertain the next person who uses it.
  6. Saran Wrap Doorway: Attach a layer of clear plastic wrap across a bathroom doorway at about chest or head height. When someone walks into it, they'll be surprised but unharmed by this funny prank.
  7. Faucet Dye: Apply a small amount of food coloring to the bottom of someone's faucet. When they turn on the water, it will briefly produce colored water, surprising them.
  8. Shaving Cream Balloon: Fill a small balloon with shaving cream and place it on top of a partially open bathroom door. When someone opens the door, the balloon will pop, covering them in shaving cream.
  9. Bug Out: Freeze a fake bug into a bar of soap. You can do this by melting a bar of soap and then cooling it into a new smaller bar with the fake bug inside. There are lots of soap molds available to purchase online to make this happen. Or, just use an ice cube tray. When someone uses the soap, they'll discover the fun prank as the bug is revealed.
  10. Sound Effects: Hide a small portable speaker in the bathroom and play funny sound effects when someone enters or flushes the toilet. Choose harmless and humorous sounds to create a lighthearted surprise.

Sleeping Pranks

There's nothing funnier than seeing your victim's reaction when they wake up to a funny prank.

While we all need our restful slumber at night, why not take a break from the mundane routine of bedtime and try out one (or more!) of these ten fun sleep pranks? It's time to get creative with your nighttime mischief, so keep reading to learn all you need to know about planning the perfect prank!

sleep prank draw on sleeping persons face

Have a Laugh and Try These 10 Fun Sleep Prank Ideas

  1. Shoelace Charades: Tie their shoelaces together while they nap or sleep. Remove any dangerous objects around them before they try to stand up.
  2. Shaving Cream Shenanigans: You can put shaving cream in someone's hand and tickle their nose so they swat themselves with it and get foam all over themselves.
  3. Toe-tally Cool: You could paint their toenails or put themed nail stickers on them as they doze for a cute prank.
  4. Balloon Avalanche: Fill a room or doorway with inflated balloons so that when the person opens the door after waking up, they'll be greeted by a colorful surprise.
  5. Sticky Notes Everywhere: Cover their room or workspace with sticky notes, leaving funny messages or drawings on each one.
  6. Plastic Wrap Doorway: Carefully place clear plastic wrap at about chest height across a doorway. When the person wakes up and walks through, they'll walk right into it (but make sure they won't get hurt). A classic good prank for many situations.
  7. Fake Snake, Spider, or Bug: Place a realistic-looking fake snake, spider, or bug near their bed or on their pillow. It'll surprise them when they wake up and see it.
  8. Alarm Switcheroo: Change the alarm clock or phone alarm to go off unexpectedly, but ensure it's not too early or disturbing to their schedule.
  9. Upside-Down Glass of Water: Balance a glass of water upside down on a table or shelf, carefully removing the support underneath it. When they wake up and try to move it, they'll be puzzled by the unexpected challenge of this practical Joke.
  10. Disappearing Act: While They're asleep, rearrange the furniture in their room, making everything seem slightly different when they wake up.

Pranks to Pull on Your Boyfriend

Pranking can be a fun way to make memories and enjoy each other's company. Here are a few ideas to lighten the mood with some harmless pranks perfect for your boyfriend! These prank ideas are guaranteed to leave your boyfriend in stitches.

Boyfriend prank Oreo filled with toothpaste

10 Mischievous Prank Ideas to Play on Your Boyfriend

  1. Toothpaste Oreos: Carefully remove the cream filling from a few Oreo cookies and replace it with white toothpaste. Offer him a cookie and watch his reaction when he takes a bite. A classic prank for many occasions!
  2. Food Fun Prank: Put salt instead of sugar in his coffee or a cupcake you made just for him. Some of the best pranks involve changing the expected taste of a favorite food or drink.
  3. Silly Shoe: Fill his shoes with shaving cream or silly string. Make sure its something washable and that there is another pair available to wear.
  4. Web-master: Make a fake spider web on his car mirror. Go small or big—the perfect funny prank idea for Halloween. Be sure to add fake spiders to look like an actual arachnid invasion!
  5. I Can't Brush My Teeth: Put a giant ball of cling or bubble wrap over his toothbrush. Just make sure he can use his toothbrush before a kiss!
  6. Sticky Note Surprise: Cover his car or workspace with colorful sticky notes. You can write funny messages or draw silly pictures on them.
  7. Fake Parking Ticket: Create a realistic-looking parking ticket and place it on his car windshield. Make sure to be nearby to see his reaction when he discovers it.
  8. Water Bottle Prank: Poke a tiny hole near the bottom of a disposable water bottle and cover it with your finger, then ask him to take a sip. It will result in an unexpected water spill fun prank.
  9. Fake Phone Call: Pretend to be someone else and call him with a disguised voice, creating a funny and confusing cell phone conversation. Offer that dream job he was wanting:)
  10. Remote Control Confusion: Swap the batteries or cover the transmitter with dark tape on their TV remote control, so it takes them a moment to figure out why it's not working as expected.

How to Prank Your Sister

Ah, family. All the love and laughter that comes with having siblings can make for some of the best memories of your childhood—like all those pranks you pulled on your sister! And, pranking your sister is almost a write of passage for brothers worldwide. If you're looking for a few ideas, here are a few harmless suggestions.

Spilled Drink sister prank

10 Unforgettable Prank Ideas To Pull On Your Sister

  1. Fake Spilled Drink: Create a realistic-looking spill using a clear cup or plastic bottle and some clear craft glue melted around it. Place it on a table or desk where she frequently sits, and watch her reaction when she sees the mess.
  2. Snake Sssuprise: Put a realistic fake snake in her bed. I can already hear the screams from this perfect prank.
  3. What Country am I in?: Change the language on her computer or phone to confuse her. Make sure you know how to change it back.
  4. Slippery Situation: Put a small amount of Vaseline on her bedroom doorknob. Enjoy watching her struggle to open her door. One of my favorite pranks for kids.
  5. Love Note: You can put a funny note to your sister in her lunchbox that says, "I love you, munchkin." Use any funny nickname you or your parents call her. It's sure to bring an embarrassed smile to her face.
  6. Mouse Trap: Put tape over the sensor on her computer mouse. A favorite prank of mine when that last-minute school paper is due!
  7. Sticky Notebook: Cover her laptop computer's inside screen and keyboard with colorful sticky notes. It'll create a humorous and visually striking effect when she opens it to use it.
  8. Silly Shower Surprise: Fill a squeeze bottle with non-toxic food coloring and carefully squeeze it into the showerhead. When she takes a shower, she'll be greeted with a confusing burst of colorful water.
  9. Fake Call: Use a friend's phone or a prank call app to call her and pretend to be a fictional character, a celebrity, or even an alien. Have fun with the conversation and see if she can guess who it is.
  10. Remote Control Prank: If she has a TV or stereo system in her room, use a cheap universal remote control to randomly change the channels or adjust the volume from a hidden spot nearby. Keep her guessing and see how long it takes for her to figure it out.

How to Prank Your Brother

Are you looking for funny pranks to use on your brother and have a good laugh? We’ve got just the thing! Try one of these hilarious pranks this year to get the whole family laughing without getting into serious trouble with your brother.

Brother Prank embarrassing photo

10 Hilarious Prank Ideas to Pull on Your Brother

  1. Photo Op: Swap his phone background with an embarrassing photo. This is a good prank before his next big date!
  2. Sweet Revenge: Swap his shampoo with sticky honey or syrup—easy, fast, and fun.
  3. Suspended Water Balloon: Fill a water balloon and attach it to the top of a slightly open door using a rubber band. When he opens the door, he'll get a splash!
  4. Cereal Box Switcheroo: Swap the contents of different cereal boxes. Watch as he pours his favorite cereal and gets a surprising twist. Food Pranks are so much fun!
  5. Voice-Activated Prank: If he uses voice commands with his cell phone or a smart speaker, change his voice recognition settings to respond to a funny phrase or a different voice. Watch his confusion as he tries to figure out why his device isn't obeying him.
  6. Jello-filled Juice Prank: Prepare a clear-colored gelatin mix, like lime or lemon, and pour it into his juice or water bottle. Prepare it ahead so the solid texture will baffle him when he goes for a sip.
  7. Invisible Ink Message: Use invisible ink pens to leave secret messages on his belongings, such as his mirror or notebook. The messages will be revealed only when he shines a UV light on them.
  8. Picture Switcheroo: Replace the photos in his picture frames with funny or embarrassing pictures of him or unexpected images. Wait for his reaction when he notices the switch.
  9. Sticky Soda Can: Apply a thin layer of clear tape over the opening of a soda can. Cut it to match the opening of the can. Offer it to him so that he'll be frustrated when he tries to take a sip as the liquid doesn't come out.
  10. Frozen Cereal: Pour his favorite cereal into a bowl and add some milk until the cereal is covered. Place it in the freezer overnight so it becomes frozen. Serve it to him in the morning and enjoy his confusion from this great prank.

Pranks to Do on Friends

Funny Pranks are a hilarious way to have fun with your friends and create unforgettable memories. Whether you're looking for something simple that will give everyone a good chuckle or an elaborate stunt to ensure they don't forget it any time soon - we've got the perfect prank ideas for you!

Car filled with balloons Friend prank

10 Prank Ideas You Can Pull On Your Friends This Year

  1. Balloon Blast: Fill their car with balloons. Make sure there is no urgent need to get to a necessary appointment or event.
  2. Fun Pranks Running Late: Pretend you're stuck in traffic and will be late for a planned get-together. When you show up on time, they will be confused but relieved.
  3. Fake Bug in a Lamp: Place a realistic-looking giant fake bug inside a lampshade to frighten them from the scary bug shadow it projects!
  4. Computer Desktop Switcheroo: Take a screenshot of their computer desktop with all their usual icons, set it as the wallpaper, and hide the icons. This can be combined with other fun pranks with the computer for maximum effect!
  5. Disappearing Ink Pen: Lend them a pen with ink that disappears when they start writing. They can be easily purchased online.
  6. Spicy Food Switch: Substitute their regular condiments or snacks with spicier alternatives. For example, refill a Ketsup bottle with red hot sauce.
  7. Alarm Clock Surprise: Set multiple alarms on their phone at random intervals throughout the day. It's an easy practical joke but so effective.
  8. Fake Power Outlet Sticker: Place a sticker that resembles a power outlet on a wall, and watch them try to plug in their devices. They are available to purchase online, or you can make them yourself.
  9. Photoshopped Picture: Edit one of your photos showing you with a celebrity you just met. Try to plan it so you can use it when you meet a friend, and they are running late. They will be so disappointed they missed the opportunity.
  10. Invisible String Trick: Secretely tie a small piece of invisible thread to an object they frequently use, like their phone or keys, and give it a gentle tug when they're not looking.

Office Pranks

We've all experienced the monotony of office life at one point or another when sitting at our desks seems to be never-ending. But if there's anything that can brighten up such a dull day, it's some good old-fashioned pranking! Our office prank ideas will liven things up and bring plenty of laughs (or groans!) from those around you. Read on as we explore the best ways to have some friendly fun with your colleagues!

office prank mystery food green sandwich

10 Office Prank Ideas to Pull on Your Office Colleagues

  1. Mystery Food: Leave a plate of "exotic" or unusual-looking food in the office kitchen, but it's just regular food disguised creatively. For example, use food coloring to make a sandwich green.
  2. Upside-Down Screen: Use the display settings on a coworker's computer to flip the screen orientation upside down.
  3. Office Supply Swap: Switch the contents of different coworkers' office supply drawers, leaving them with unexpected items.
  4. Inflated Desk: Fill your colleague's desk drawers with small balloons or balls, making it impossible for them to work.
  5. Office Safari: Place toy animals strategically around the office to create a surprise safari adventure for your coworkers.
  6. Confetti Explosion: On a rainy day, fill a coworker's umbrella with confetti and watch as they get a colorful surprise when they open it.
  7. Frozen Screensaver: Take a screenshot of a coworker's desktop, set it as their screensaver, and hide all desktop icons.
  8. Air Horn Surprise: Attach an air horn to the underside of a coworker's chair so it goes off when they sit down.
  9. Desk Aquarium: Fill a coworker's desk drawer with water and add plastic fish or aquatic decorations. You may need to place a small aquarium inside the drawer if it's not waterproof.
  10. Fake AutoCorrect: Change the autocorrect settings on a coworker's computer or smartphone to replace common words with funny alternatives.

Ways to Prank Your Teacher

Are you looking for ways to have fun with your teacher without getting into trouble? We know how important it is to stay out of the principal's office and still have some harmless fun. So we've compiled this list of fun and safe pranks that won't get you in trouble. These ideas will surely make everyone in class laugh without any significant repercussions!

10 Fun and Safe Prank Ideas to Pull On Your Teacher

  1. Chair Switch: Rearrange the seating arrangement in the classroom while your teacher is away.
  2. Mixed-Up Supplies: Swap your teacher's pens, markers, or other supplies with ones that write in different colors.
  3. Mysterious Objects: Place random objects (like Rubber Ducks or Squishy Toys) in unexpected places around the classroom.
  4. Upside-Down World: Team up with your classmates to turn everything in the classroom upside down, including posters, books, and chairs.
  5. Talking Props: Hide small Bluetooth speakers around the classroom. Randomly play various sounds at different times and watch your teacher's surprise as objects start talking. Great for april fools day.
  6. "Missing" Items: Borrow harmless items from your teacher's desk and return them at the end of the day, saying you found them in unexpected places.
  7. Musical Chairs: Play a prank during a classroom break by setting up a round of musical chairs. Ensure everyone has fun and participates willingly.
  8. Smartboard Surprise: Create a fake desktop background on your teacher's computer featuring funny images or quotes. Make sure it's easy to change back.
  9. Post-it Puzzle: Cover your teacher's door with colorful sticky notes, forming a puzzle or message they'll need to solve.
  10. Classroom Decor: Collaborate with your classmates to give your teacher's classroom a surprise makeover, adding some fun and colorful decorations.

Senior Prank Ideas

Ah, the final days of school! An exciting time for seniors counting down to that big-time freedom they've been waiting so long for. Of course, the temptation is high to make your last days memorable by pulling all kinds of mischievous pranks! If you're ready to wrap up your final semesters with a bang without crossing any lines or breaking too many rules (or getting expelled), check out these hilariously fun senior prank ideas!

Senior prank yard ornaments

10 Fun Senior Prank Ideas For The Last Days of School

  1. Lawn Ornaments: Decorate the school lawn with a collection of quirky and unexpected lawn ornaments like pink flamingos, garden gnomes, or giant inflatable animals.
  2. Where's My Office?: With the help of the janitor, swap the principal's office with the janitor's closet.
  3. Bubble Wrap Walkway: Cover a commonly used walkway or hallway with bubble wrap, creating a unique and entertaining experience for students and staff.
  4. Hallway Maze: Create a temporary maze using cardboard boxes or sheets, making navigating the hallways a fun adventure for everyone.
  5. Fake School Mascot: Have a group of seniors dress up as a different, fictional school mascot for the day, surprising everyone with their unexpected presence.
  6. Upside-Down Classrooms: Turn classrooms upside down, securing desks, chairs, and other items to the ceiling for a gravity-defying good prank.
  7. Fake Construction Zone: Set up caution tape and signs in a specific school area, making it look like an under-construction zone, causing confusion among students and staff.
  8. Silly Dress Code Day: Coordinate with your classmates to have everyone dress up in a specific theme that breaks the typical dress code, such as pajama day or superhero day.
  9. Miniature Golf Course: Set up a temporary miniature golf course throughout the school, adding fun and excitement to the hallways.
  10. Senior Flash Mob: Organize a surprise flash mob in the school's common area, showcasing a choreographed dance routine or a catchy song.

Easy Pranks to Do at Home

In the mood for some practical jokes and laughter? Look no further - we have some easy yet incredibly hilarious pranks you can pull from your home! These prank ideas will have your family and friends (or maybe even yourself!) ROTFL-ing in no time. Most are even suitable pranks for kids to set up.

Easy Prank for home Caramel Onion

10 Easy Prank Ideas You Can Do in the Your Home LOL!

  1. Caramel Onion: Coat a peeled onion in caramel, making it look like a caramel apple. Offer it to someone and enjoy their reaction. Barf bag not included.
  2. Salt Swap: Swap the contents of the sugar and salt containers for an easy but funny prank to play on someone.
  3. Terrible Toothpaste: Swap the toothpaste with cream cheese. It's not the easiest prank, but well worth the trouble.
  4. Fake Spider Web: Stretch white yarn or string across a doorway in the shape of a massive spider web. It'll give someone a spooky surprise.
  5. Toothbrush Surprise: Dip the bristles of someone's toothbrush in Kool-Aid powder. When they brush their teeth, their mouth will turn colorful, and they get a surprise taste.
  6. Whoopie Cushion: Place a whoopie cushion under a couch cushion and watch the reactions on family movie night. on It'll give them a funny surprise.
  7. Wobbly Tap: Loosen the faucet head slightly so that it sprays water in unexpected directions when someone turns on the tap.
  8. Sneaky Salt Shaker: Remove the top of a salt shaker and cover the holes with clear tape. Offer it to someone who expects to put salt on their food.
  9. Sticky Coffee Cup: Coat the bottom of a family member's drink cup with an adhesive or double-sided tape, ensuring it sticks to the table when they attempt to lift it.
  10. Water Balloon Ambush: Fill water balloons and secretly hide them, then surprise your friend with a spontaneous and unexpected water balloon battle for the ages.

FAQ's About Pranks

How can you ensure that no one gets hurt during a prank?

I always remember that pranks can be funny, but they can also hurt someone. I never cross the line and keep my funny pranks and practical jokes harmless. It's better to laugh with someone than at them.

What is the best way to come up with original prank ideas?

The best way to develop original prank ideas is to think outside the box and consider your target's personality, interests, and fears. Brainstorm with friends and test your ideas on a small scale before executing. Remember always to prioritize safety and respect.

Is it appropriate to prank strangers or only people you know well?

At first glance, pranking strangers may seem harmless and entertaining. However, we must consider the potential consequences and impact on their emotions. Sticking to pranking close friends and family who understand our sense of humor is best.

Are there any legal consequences for pulling a prank that causes damage or harm?

I'm legally responsible for my actions if I cause damage or harm through a prank. It's not worth the risk of legal consequences or hurting someone. I'll stick to harmless pranks and avoid crossing the line.

How do you know if a prank has gone too far and it's time to stop?

If I feel guilty or someone gets genuinely upset, it's time to stop the prank. Always consider the other person's feelings and stop if it goes too far.

So there you have it—Our 100 prank ideas for 2023

Whether you're looking to keep your family in stitches, play pranks on your coworkers, or execute a harmless practical joke on your teacher, this article has something for everyone. Be sure to stay safe, use common sense, and above all else—have fun! And don't forget that the best part of any prank is watching the person getting pranked show their surprise (and hopefully laugh)! Let's face it—it might be a rough year, but playing pranks is a great way to lighten the mood and make some unforgettable memories. So go ahead, get creative, and have some pranking fun!

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