Fooling Around: The 6 Best April Fools Pranks for Kids

Are you ready to pull some epic funny pranks this April Fools Day? 

If you are, check out our list of the best pranks. Our curated collection is designed to make anyone smile ear-to-ear and giggle in delight while you watch! From a jumping spider prank that provides an unexpected shock when opened to an annoying beeping device that will have your kiddos searching high and low for its source - these gags are sure to give everyone a good laugh. 

These best ideas offer hours of enjoyment and plenty of laughs; plus, they’re easy enough for even the littlest ones to set up themselves and suitable for the whole family. So if you’re looking for something silly, creative, and guaranteed to please the pickiest little jokers on the block - look no further! 

Check out our article now with all the details on how you can bring smiles from ear to ear with the perfect April Fools Prank ideas that are amazing for anyone, at any time of day, from the moment you wake in the morning to go to sleep at night!

How we choose the best April Fool's day prank

It's that time of the year again when laughter and joy abound. But it's hard to find the perfect April fool's joke for kids that are actually funny and not mean. 

Every year it seems like the same old April fool's jokes are recycled, and there are no new or funny April fool's ideas to ensnare your friends and family with.

We've read through thousands of reviews on Amazon to find the best, funniest, and most harmless April Fool's day ideas. So, look no further because we've compiled an amazing list of ideas that are sure to make everyone crack up-especially children. I even included some ideas using materials found lying around in most houses, such as toilet paper that can be used for almost free. No matter how you decide to spice things up this year, one thing is certain; you won't want it to end anytime soon! So let's start planning your April 1st ideas now.

1. The FunFamz Original Spider Prank Box

The FunFamz Original Spider Prank Box-The best April fools prank for kids

Why We Love It

The FunFamz Original Spider Prank Box is the perfect practical joke to bring a load of laughs to your family and friends! This hilarious gag gift may look ordinary, but don’t let looks deceive you! You can place a real April Fool's gift of your choice inside this prank box and watch as the recipient gets a jolt they never expected—a giant spider jumping out from the inside! The whole thing is sure to be an unforgettable moment for everyone involved. If only you could keep a straight face this April fool's! Be sure to video the response with your cell phone.

What You Should Know

This low-cost gag is crafted with only the highest quality materials. The 4.7/5 rating vouches for its durability and effectiveness. Perfect for both adults and children, the FunFamz Original Spider Prank Box is guaranteed to create some truly hilarious moments that you won’t soon forget! Watch your friends say, “You got me good!”

2. Wirabilla Premium Fake Cockroaches

Wirrabilla Premium Fake Cockroaches-The best April fools prank for kids

Why We Love It

If you've ever wanted to watch someone jump out of their skin in terror, these cockroaches will do the trick. 

These pranks are designed just like the real thing–try them out and see them yourself in your house! No roach killer is needed to get rid of them, LOL!

The easiest way to make someone shriek is by sneakily placing a few near their precious food before they eat.  In the morning, place them on scrambled eggs before they eat. For an afternoon snack, place them on oreo cookies alongside their milk. At dinner, place them near their plate of food before they're ready to eat. 

In the morning, place them on the top sheet of the bed or under the bed sheets, and BOOM, you've got a genuine April fool's screamer! Sit them on the toilet paper roll in the bathroom. 

There are so many great ways to use this product. You can create some of the best pranks with this product. If you plan ahead, this can be a great April fool's trick. Just try to keep a straight face!

What You Should Know

Constructed with non-toxic PVC and fashioned to look incredibly realistic, Wirabilla fake cockroaches mimic those pesky pests that often appear in nooks and crannies. 

This low-cost 50-piece set offers plenty of opportunities to watch April fool's hijinx for silly pranksters. 

3. Schylling Joke Box

Schylling Joke Box -The best April fools prank for kids

Why We Love It

It's time to bring out your prankster side with the Schylling Joke Box! 

This jumbo box of classic props is sure to take your April Fool's day sense of humor to the next level. 

Whether you're a total novice or an expert prankster, this collection of funny gags is guaranteed to make you and your friends laugh!

There's lots of options to make this day a success.

What You Should Know

Inside the box, you'll find eight classic April fools pranks: 

Goofy teeth-great for family picture time!

Hand buzzer- a classic must-have item for all pranksters. Floating eyeball- I mean, why not have it floating in someone's drink? Fake vomit-Maybe you won't have to go to school on April 2nd, hehe.

A bloody finger bandage - perfect for scaring the pants off of mom. Fake doggy poop-dog not included. Squirt ring to spray a few drops of harmless water on dad's tie. And finally, a whoopie sound maker for making interesting noises when you're enjoying time in the bathroom. 

With these gags in your arsenal of pranks, you'll have plenty of opportunities for some good ol' fashioned harmless pranks. The options are virtually unlimited. You can be pranking people right and left all day on April 1st!

4. Witty Yeti Fake Mold Sandwich Bags

Witty Yetti Fake Mold Sandwich Bags -The best April fools prank for kids

Why We Love It

Introducing Witty Yeti Fake Mold Sandwich Bags! 

Looking for a way to trick your friends and family? (But no need to actually put someone in harm's way?) This product is perfect for you! Make your food look as nasty as you can imagine with a Fake Mold Sandwich Bag. Watch your friends gag - without having to do any actual damage.  You won't be able to keep a straight face. It's the perfect trick for morning breakfast, afternoon snack, dinnertime, or for school or April Fool's day (or really, any time of year!). 

What You Should Know

Available in packs of 40, this April Fool's prank is sure to delight both old and young. It looks like a gross, moldy sandwich bag - but it's actually food-safe and reusable!

5. AnnoyingPCB Prank Device That Won't Stop Beeping

AnnoyingPCB Prank Device That Won

Why We Love It

AnnoyingPCB makes an excellent prank product for April Fool's Day! 

Place the beeping device anywhere - under desks, on shelves, inside drawers - and let it beep and screech at random intervals. 

Your poor victim will never find out where the sound is coming from. Just be sure to show the location of it before they turn your house upside down looking for it.

What You Should Know

With a battery that lasts three years, you can enjoy watching their confusion for a long time (that is until you decide to give away the secret!) 

You don't have to settle for just one sound with the AnnoyingPCB Prank Device That Won't Stop Beeping. With its three unique noise options, they'll surely reach a new level of confusion. We especially like the cricket sound!

6. The Funfamz Original Realistic Fake Snake

The FunFamz Original Fake Snake -The best April fools prank for kids

Why We Love It

Are you looking for a fun way to prank your friends and family? Look no further than the FunFamz Original Fake Snake! This lifelike (but fake) black snake toy is sure to give anyone a fright! 

Whether you need a black rubber snake or a realistically terrifying green mamba prop for April Fool's day, this ultra-realistic toy prank snake has you covered. With its flexible body, you can easily move it around to simulate a real snake — perfect for pranks and practical jokes that are sure to get all sorts of reactions — but don’t worry, it won’t bite!

What You Should Know

Crafted from safe and secure thermoplastic rubber. Soft rubber makes it flexible. It has a similar look to a real garden snake, Mexican black king snake, black mamba, or green mamba snake.

April Fool's Day Pranks FAQ

What is the best April Fools day prank?

Any day is the perfect day for all kinds of pranks, from a simple, practical joke to an elaborate and creative gag. Some of the best April Fool's day pranks combine humor, creativity, and a bit of planning. Ultimately, there really is no one-size-fits-all answer since we all have different senses of humor; take inspiration from those around you and combine themes/ideas together for maximum enjoyment! No matter what you decide to do this year just remember: don't take it too far – keep it lighthearted and humorous so nobody gets hurt (or mad) over your laughs!

How to do the best prank?

April Fools' Day is the perfect time to have a bit of delight and lighten up the mood. A practical joke can certainly help to spread some laughter, but it's important to remember that some people don't enjoy good pranks as much as others. So, if you're looking for ways to prank your friends or family, here are some tips on how to do the best April Fools' prank: 1. Think About Your Audience: Make sure that whoever you plan on pranking will find it funny and not too irritating or hurtful. As such, tailor your trick accordingly. 2. Put Safety First: No matter what kind of prank you're plotting, always make sure that no one gets injured in any way - physical or emotional! Keep safety at the forefront when it comes to choosing a trick, so no one gets hurt in the process. That'll be far from funny! 3. Plan Carefully: When trying out an April Fools' Day prank, make sure that all parties involved know about it beforehand so nobody ends up getting caught off guard (unless they are supposed to!). It should also be noted that some pranks may backfire, so keep tabs on those who might get offended by what's going on around them and make necessary changes if needed. 4. Be Creative, Funny, and Have a Good Time!: The most successful surprise trick requires creativity and humor. Remember, this is meant for good clean entertainment at the end of the day; let loose, laugh along when possible, and don't take everything too seriously! Enjoy yourself while being considerate towards those around you, and remember - everybody loves a trick...just not necessarily bad ones!

What does it cost to pull off an April Fool Prank Idea?

An April Fool's prank idea can vary in cost depending on what you're trying to pull off. Most pranks that we highlighted above are very affordable and are ready to go right out of the box. There are also lots of great ideas that can be done for free. If you're looking to keep costs as low as possible, there are some really fun and creative practical jokes that don't have to break the bank. A few classic examples are listed below. Just take some brown construction paper and put it in the printer. When your friends go to print something, they'll be surprised when all of their documents come out brown. Placing a few drops of food coloring in the toilet bowl tank is a harmless prank that will drive your parents crazy. They'll never know when you did it! Try different colors of food coloring to achieve different effects. Try mixing multiple colors of the food coloring dyes to get some interesting (and gross) effects! Pranking someone with an ice cube tray can be a real hoot! Start by filling the tray up with something other than water to get funny ice cubes. For example, you could fill it up with pudding, jello, or juice. or food coloring to make colorful and wiggly ice cubes for your unsuspecting victim. Or you can use food coloring dye to turn the water in the tray into different colors-or, even chocolate milk, if you're feeling particularly creative. Once the ice cube tray is filled, slip it into your victim's freezer while they aren't looking at night and wait until they go to grab some ice in the morning after they wake up. When they open their freezer and find an unexpected surprise waiting for them - well, that right there is when all of the fun starts! The look on their face will be priceless, and you'll get some laughs out of this prank. You could take it a step further too - maybe attach a few items inside of each cube like plastic spiders, rubber worms, or the Wirabilla Premium Fake Cockroaches we recommended above so they have an added surprise! Or if your prankee likes animals, why not have fun animal shaped ice cubes? Cows, pigs, ducks - You name it! It will leave them laughing (or screaming) at what new hijinks await inside their trusty old ice cube trays! Pranking someone with bubble wrap may sound like a silly idea, but it can actually be quite clever and amazing! Here are some bubble wrap ideas that you can use to prank your friends and family: Put several sheets of bubble wrap under the toilet seat before they sit down in the morning– this will give them an unexpected surprise when they go to use the restroom and hear a loud noise from the Popping bubble wrap! It will definitely wake them up in the morning. Pranking someone with plastic wrap is a classic and hilarious way to get a laugh out of your friends and family. However, there are some essential safety considerations you should take into account before attempting a prank like this. So, make sure the person you're pranking isn't allergic to plastics or other materials that might be in the wrap. An easy idea is to cover a doorway with the clear wrap that is hard to see and watch as people enter the room in the morning and get tangled in the wrap. Try putting plastic wrap over the toilet seat or around the toilet paper. Try wrapping an afternoon snack in layers of wrap or scotch tape - simple, cheap, and effective! Overall, the cost of an April Fool’s Prank Idea will vary based on how elaborate the plan is, but there should be plenty of options regardless of your budget size!

So, what is the best April Fools Pranks for kids?

April Fool’s Day is a time of joy and laughter when families, friends, and classmates can share in some light-hearted fun. Pranks can be a great way to bring people together, but they can also be tricky to plan if you don't have the right information. Our April fool's day prank reviews provide an easy way to find the perfect idea for everyone involved. With our carefully curated selections that received meaningful ratings from verified Amazon reviewers, you can quickly narrow down your search for the perfect prank idea. 

No matter what you’re looking for - from gag gifts to practical jokes - there are plenty of options that can be done for free or very little cost. To make sure that everyone enjoys your April Fool’s Day prank, take into account who will be participating and choose something that matches the age appropriateness and sense of humor of those involved. If you're still unsure which prank to pick, we have several recommendations that are sure to bring smiles all around. Just click the button under any of our top picks to check out the price over on Amazon! Let's do this and make this the best April fools ever!

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